Qatar in Asia (School): Al Khor International School (AKIS) - International School - Qatar

Al Khor International School (AKIS) is an international school located in Ad-Daẖirah, Qatar.


Address: Al Khor Community, PO Box 22166, Doha, Qatar.

Website: Al Khor International School (AKIS)

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HR are spoiling a good thing here
1 year ago
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The school is in decline since Qatar Gas took sole ownership of the school. Everything is being cut and the school are looking at ways to pinch pounds.

At the school there is a large division between HR and everybody else. The workers do not trust HR as they feel they can be dishonest and cold hearted in their approach. I can agree with this as I had my £1800 gratuity kept after my year at the school was completed. On top of this the school also created some rules that broke their contract and allowed them to keep an additional £500. Of course, this was not legal but if you are leaving the country they can basically do what they want as you need exit clearance from the school.

As long as you are prepared to be mugged on exit, there could be worse schools to work at since management at the school are helpful (even of helpless against HR). Also, staff are skilled and work well as part of a team. I learned a lot from my line manager and successfully completed NQT induction there. If you are looking to complete NQT at the school check they have their licence renewed as it's about to expire in the absence of an inspection this year.

The Primary department at the school is certainly better than the secondary. Many teachers leave when their children reach secondary age. Generally, behaviour at the school is a problem but even more so in secondary. There is nothing in place to stop the children from doing what they want.

The area where the school is located is (like most of Qatar) a construction area. There is little but diggers and sand/rocks around. This makes it a good place to save money although I'd recommend trying to get a job in Doha instead. Doha is also very limited in terms of things to do but living in Al Khor can get very dull and you Will certainly get good use of your £90 a month TV and internet package.

This year the teachers are being told to live outside of the community and they get an allowance that is higher than the rent, which can beef up your income. It is best to make Sure both adults have a driving licence or you may struggle especially if you have kids at school.
A new lower payscale will be introduced this year and some classes have been disbanded to save money on hiring meaning bigger class sizes. It is a sign of things to come.

Money saving is being massively prioritized over quality by HR and they are clueless to the effects.
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