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Korea, South in Asia (School): Mokpo International Christian School - International School - South KoreaMokpo International Christian School is an international school located in Mokpo, South Korea.


Address: 982 Ogam Dong, Mokpo, Joellenam-do, 530420, South Korea.

Website: Mokpo International Christian School




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Mokpo International Christian School
2 years ago.
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Do not work for Mokpo International Christian School.

I applied to work for this school back in November, 2017. I communicated with the director of this school, Youngson Bolan for about four months regarding the visa process. Everything was set and I arrived in Mokpo, South Korea on March 29, 2018.

However, once I arrived to Mokpo, I then find out that the director there wasn't going to legally sponsor me and instead, I now had to work for a hagwon called Avalon English Academy for part time in addition to working full-time at the International school. I also found out that the director of the International School and the director of were splitting the payment of the monthly salary and they also split the benefits. The academy paid for the health insurance and social security and the International School paid for the apartment and both flights. The academy was sponsoring me, despite the fact I didn't even know I was supposed to work for them in the first place and the International School had me teach there illegally. Also, I was now teaching 47 hours per week as opposed to the promised 30 hours of teaching per week. That 47 hours doesn't include class preparation, which could have been anywhere from 10-30 additional per week. This was not communicated to me before I arrived and I felt completely duped.

The name of the academy is Avalon English Academy. They are located on:

1225-1 Bub Won
Plaza Building 3rd Floor
Ogam Dong, Mokpo City, South Korea

The director's name is (Name removed Admin) Seo.
The website for the franchise is:
(Admin - Do not review Avalon franchise here review them on the following link,-south-in-asia-school/12267-avalon-english-langcon-franchise-south-korea.html)

At Mokpo International Christian School:
1. I never received any training. Everything was hectic. Often, I had to push back lesson plans to appease other teachers' schedules or for school events. It was obnoxious.
2. The students aren't very motivated or diligent with their studies. This is largely due to two reasons. During the day, they complete online assignments. However. they often prolong the assignments, pushing them so very far behind. They do this because there's no incentive for them to do their work and there's no punishment for them not doing their work, except for getting a lower grade for not doing their homework. I constantly had to readapt and it was frustrating. This hurts the students majorly because it will effect them greatly when competing in a higher-education level where they will be held accountable for their studies completely.
3. The "Christian" thing is a farse. Many of the students were extremely disrespectful. I believe that many of the students felt that they did not have to take me seriously because I was a foreign teacher. It was very disheartening to have given up my entire life in America and fly to the other side of the world to be treated with such disrespect and to be taken advantage of. I didn't feel this way teaching public school students from an affluent background. I learned very quickly that teaching at a private Christian school doesn't mean you should anticipate teaching better students.

At Avalon English Academy - Mokpo Campus:
1. The director would often peak out of the windows just to look for the littlest of things to complain about.
2. I received no training and as a result, the director, Mikyung Seo constantly threw a fit if I taught the class incorrectly. Once I finally got the hang of how I thought the class was supposed to be taught, Mikyung would then proceed to make additional changes. The director told me to "prepare for class", but not what to prepare or how to prepare something, and the class curriculum is already laid out. That left me confusing. I was often given pointless, tedious tasks to do, outside of school, even during the weekend.
3. I was constantly made to feel like I'm not competent of teaching and it was horrible.
4. I did not like the constant schedule changes, even within the term. I especially did not appreciate how for the summer, I was promised less hours and then the director backed out of that promise.
5. The students, who often came from affluent backgrounds, however, were more diligent, especially if they liked learning English, compared to the private Christian students I taught during the day. Many students either think English is too hard or have no desire to learn it, but they were better behaved.
(Admin - Do not review Avalon franchise here review them on the following link,-south-in-asia-school/12267-avalon-english-langcon-franchise-south-korea.html)

The main issue is that heading towards the end of the year, the director of the hagwon decided to tell me that she is going to terminate the contract by the end of November, 2018, even though I was supposed to be there until the end of March, 2019. The directors both worked together and communicated back and forth about me, which I did not like at all. They both had said that they'd find somewhere for me to go, since obviously I couldn't stay at just the International School. I couldn't accept to work for any place they'd refer me to because the same thing would've happened all over again, and I absolutely did not plan to just bounce around from hagwon to hagwon during my time in South Korea. I did find a position in China, but ultimately decided that it was better to teach in the United States.

Never accept a position with Mokpo International Christian School or Avalon English Academy. Youngson Bolan and Mikyung "Esther" Seo will work together to try to take advantage of you any which way they can. You will be subjected to illegal, overwhelming, tedious, unappreciated, and what-will-mean nothing work.
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