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China in Asia (Company): Get into China (Gi2C) Group - Company - ChinaGet into China (Gi2C) Group is a Company that offers internships and located in Beijing, China.


Beijing HQ: Unit 50927, 9th Floor, Building D2, Galaxy SOHO, DongCheng District, Beijing. Postal Code: 100010

Website: Get into China (Gi2C) Group










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3 ratings
1 comment
9 helpful voted.
Gi2c is a sophisticated China Internship scam - They refuse to answer questions...
6 years ago.
Institute Review
Those 10 questions below need answers, and answers that make sense.  Until those answers arrive from Gi2c they should be avoided like a filthy, crusty toilet seat in a public washroom.

I called this company over a year ago when I saw this ad below in their website and ended up speaking to an American guy named Zack. At the time he said that internship was already filled but he referred me to a girl named Vivian who tried to put me into five other internships that had nothing to do with investment banking, or even business finance. But never once did they take down this advertis*m*nt and when I called up seven days ago using a fake name, they told me it was available but they would not give me any details until I sent them a $300 deposit! I am publicly challenging them here to name the company that offers this position in China because it think it is just a made-up bait ad.

I want to point out that all the people who work there are trained to be so kind and charming that it is very hard to believe they are not telling the truth. Imagine if you will, a group of nuns who pray by day and do cybercrime by night. Don't be fooled by sweet and kind voices on the phone. They are focused on getting your $$$$$ anyway they can.

I also spoke with a victim from Gi2c that I met by pure chance and he says he posted a complaint at an expatriate web site and two weeks later it was gone. He thinks Gi2c has a hacker on its staff that deletes bad comments about them and good ones of competitors. Is that possible?  Oh yeah... I called there to their office and Cheryl doesn't work there any more. She also resigned - so that makes 16 in the last year. It sure would be interesting to read their resignation letters.

The below questions were asked by another scam victim at another forum and I would also like to ask them here since it is key to their integrity - or lack of it I should say:

1.) Why did you tell me and other intern to lie to the visa office and not to say we are coming to China to be interns when we pay you $3,700 to be an intern and sign contracts that say so?

2.) Why do you keep saying all these foreigners on your web site (Paul, Max, Joe, etc.) work for you when most all of them quit many months ago? Here are their photos...

3.) Why can't you tell us the addresses of the offices you claim you have in Toyko, London, New York, Los Angeles, and Canada?

4.) True or False - Your employee "Tommy" was arrested for Visa Fraud and spent 1 year in jail?

5.) Please list all the University and MNC "Partners" you told me you have and why foes SMU deny having any relationship with you even though you put a photo of their alumni association on your website?

6.) Why do your internships opportunities stay the same and why did your webmaster Steve Brown of the U.K. resign?

7.) Why won't someone put a signature on the letter you are sending to people saying that you are being "smeared by some envious competitor"?

8.) Why do you delete my comments and that of 3 other real clients who complained on your Facebook page?

9.) Why don't you tell people all the costs of being an intern in China for 90 days (about $8,000) until AFTER they pay you a $300 deposit?

10.) Why is Gi2c using a .org internet domain when you are not a registered foundation, charity, NGO, NPO, or even a volunteer group. You are a "for profit" business so why are you trying to fool people with the .org?

I also personally believe the China Scam Report before I believe an unsigned letter on Gi2c letterhead saying that some competitor is just trying to make them look bad. They have done that all by themselves I think. 
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  • Koreana 6 years ago.
    My advice to Winnie... Sue the b*s*a*ds. Team up with other victims and sue them for every penny they have tosend a signal to all the other scam artists in China that they cannot s*r*w people without consequences.

    Since they locked the thread here at
    I have been following the story at scam-detector and real.scam. The guy at scam-detector is a real bulldog and dug up a bunch of s*i* on these guys that goes back to 2010
    (Link removed)

    Realscam has all the proof about the p*k*stan connection with the "London Office". Hilarious if you are not a victim. (Link removed)

    I don't see their ads on NAVER any longer (Korean Search Engine) so I assume they were finally banned.

    Note: Links have been removed direct to website as the links are in another forum thread:

  • 6 years ago.
    These b*s*a*ds are super slick and lie about just about anything to make the sale. I met the Russian owner in late 2009 o early 2010 when he tried to scare me into buying one of his black visas for $10,000 because I had overstayed my tourist visa. He had my wife in tears thinking we'd be in a Chinese prison for a year because we went five days past our visa. This Yuri Khlystov guy is also rumored to be the p*m* for all the Russian h*o*e*s in Beijing. I can tell you that both times that I went to his office five years ago, their were hot looker Russian women hanging out in his meeting room doing shots of v*d*a while all the Chinese girls were hard at work on the phones.
1 rating
2 comment(s).
8 helpful voted.
Gi2c China Internship Company Not To Be Trusted!!!
6 years ago.
Institute Review

My name is Winnie Maliko (I am a French citizen) and I am one of many unsatisfied customers of Gi2c even though in the end they had to give me a refund. The internship I was given is not what I was promised and the girl who had it before me was from the UK and her mom was a lawyer and also got a refund after threatening a law suit.  I was also pressured and pushed to keep changing my harsh words for them on the review site. And if I wanted my refund I would have to tone down my complaint.  The final complaint is below but in truth I was kind with my words only to get my refund.  In reality, the only good thing I can say about the company is that Sheryl and Chris were very nice to me but they did not make the decisions. The boss is a Russian guy named Yuri who puts Russian women friends on th*b* and other places to praise and defend him.

Gi2c is a very unreliable company that promises everything to get your money.  Once you are in China you are very disappointed to see how little you get for a lot of money.  I was promised my "own apartment" and what I really got was a single room in an apartment shared by other people. They promised me a big international company like PWC, KPMG, Deloitte, but where I ended up was with this company:  The people at this company were nice but they are NOT even a second tier finance company.  And they were honest enough to tell me that they never hired a Gi2C intern.

Yuri is obsessed with making his Gi2C company look super big and successful and it is all just manipulation of comments made by interns that are spun into an "endors*m*nt" with editing. Some interns are offered free Chinese CDs and other forms of bribes to make a video for them. I later learned that some of the "great reviews" online are fabricated.  And if you Google "Gi2c Scam China Internship" you will see I am not the only one p*s*ed off and very disappointed with them.

But what angers me the most is how they always edit and censor responses at and their Facebook page. There is no way I can go back on and say "THEIR REb*t*AL IS A LIE AND WAS CHANGED!"  They always spin their answers to make it look like they volunteered to fix problems when in fact they only pay attention when lawyers or the police get involved or people get loud and make a scene in their office. I would NEVER recommend this company to anyone and suggest people who want internships get their own directly from the many international companies

They also told me to ask for an "M" visa and now I realize I could have been arrested, fined, jailed, and deported if I got caught working as intern without a Q1 or Z visa!  They obviously didn't care about this risk they created for me.  If they deny this I will post a copy of the invitation letter they sent me.
The pros
China is safe - very little crime and the food is fantastic
The cons
Gi2C makes the otherwise fun trip very frustrating and aggravating
Advice to Management
Start telling people the truth!
Institution Location
I am now living and working in Beijing but no thanks to the Gi2C internship.
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  • 6 years ago.
    How many Gi2c interns were arrested, jailed, and deported for coming to China with the wrong visa that Gi2c made them tell lies to get?
  • TeacherTeacher 6 years ago.
    Dear Winnie

    I read your review in the forum (link below) and saw the documents that you have attached. Firstly I am surprised that alarm bells were not ringing in your head if you had read what was being said in the letter of invitation.

    You should have questioned the company about the Letter of Invitation and then gone to your local Chinese Embassy for verification on the laws in China about visas and employment. Reading the letter there is a lot of ambiguous information.

    1) Any company/institution/school etc that employ/hire volunteers or interns are liable for any financial and legal responsibility the person is working for.
    2) The company should already have Health insurance cover on you as they are employing you as a volunteer for the short period you are in their country.
    3) There is no mention in the letter that you are an intern. So there is a cover up on what your real purpose is.

    I have some questions for you Winnie which you should have looked at during the application process:
    1) Did you contact the company or even look them up on the internet before hand who were taking you on?
    2) Did you consider that all companies should have some responsibility even if it is just something like health and safety?
    3) Did you talk to your parents about the internship?
    4) Did you have contact with interns who have been through this company directly?
    5) Did you go through the website, meaning reading the information on the website and ask questions about the placement?
    6) Did you find out if there was someone you could speak to face to face in their offices?
    7) Were you interviewed by someone when you applied?

    I have also reviewed the website.The BBC News reel on the website only generalizes the situation of graduate students finishing university, but is not directly related to the company. I have also looked at some of the positions and does not give much information about who their affiliates are. Again alarm bells!

    I have done similar things and I have gone with groups I can speak face to face before making a decision and parting with hard earned cash. To me spending over 3 grand to gain experience is way too much, you might as well have stayed home and gone round to every local business with your CV/Resume in hand and asked for a position of voluntary work experience and work your way up the ladder.

    I have friends who have done that and have worked abroad for the employer and returned home with promotions but it took them years to get there. That will be the same for you and every university graduate throughout the world, nothing is given on a silver platter you have to start at the bottom and work your way up even if it means making the coffee for the director and being a skivvy, in which I did and now I am a teacher and enjoying my time teaching abroad in reputable schools.
  • Moderator Black Bart 6 years ago.
    NOTE: There are five other comments about this company in our forum section at

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