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Short stories for children of all Ages: Little friendLittle friend


As Laura walked alone one day, she heard a tiny noise... It was a little duckling, shivering in the grass.

Laura set by him, quiet and still, until he wasn't scared any more.

She carried him home and cuddled him warm.

But day after day, the duckling lay still.

"Please get better," Laura pleaded.

She nursed him gently... until at last he was well and impatient to be outside.

All through the winter they marched in the snow, Laura and her brave little duckling.

The duckling grew strong as the days grew warmer. He wanted to swim in the spring sunshine.

"Not too far," said Laura. She was scared he'd swim right away from her.

But he didn't. He came back.

"I love you, Little Friend," she said. "Will you always be happy with me?"

All evening she hugged him tight, as the wild ducks called.

"You want to be with them, don't you, Little Friend?" Laura whispered.

I think I will have to teach you how to fly... somehow!"

"Let's run with the wind," Laura laughed.

"Faster and faster... you can do it!" she cried. "You can fly!"

He looked so beautiful.

"Come back soon," Laura whispered. "I'll never forget you, my brave little friend."



Katie Cook; Colleen McKeown

Little friend

London, Little Tiger Press, 2010

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