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Short Stories for Children of All Ages: Are we nearly there?Are we nearly there?


Today was the day for Daisy and Dad´s journey.

Daisy had been staying with her grandparents. But now Dad had come to collect her, and to take her somewhere even more special!

Daisy couldn´t wait to set off. So, as soon as they had said their goodbyes, she began to run along the twisty track...

At first Daisy ran as fast as she could. But, little by little, she began to tire.

"Are we nearly there?" asked Daisy. "It´s Rabbit," she explained. "He´s too tired to go any further."

Dad shook his head. But he tucked Rabbit on top of their rucksack. And Daisy padded off – along the twisty track...

Daisy and Dad padded side by side. But suddenly something rumbled.

"Are we nearly there?" shouted Daisy above the noise. "It´s my tummy," she explained. "It´s too empty to go any further!"

Dad shook his head. But he rummaged in their rucksack and found the food.

Daisy ate all her own picnic and most of Dad´s. For a while she was too full to go any further. So Daisy had a little snooze. And before long she felt light enough to dance – along the twisty track...

But Daisy wasn´t looking where she was dancing. She didn´t see the bed of nettles!

"OW, WOW, WOUCH! Are we nearly there?" wailed Daisy. "It´s my paws," she explained. "They´re too hot and stingy to go any further!"

Dad shook his head. But he blew and he blew until Daisy´s paws were cool again and she could bounce – along the twisty track...

Dad was just getting into his bounce when there was a crackle of lightning.

Next there was a crash of thunder. And then as soon as the thunder and lightning had stopped it began to pour with rain.

Daisy didn´t like getting wet.

"Are we n-n-nearly th-th-th-there?" she shivered. "It´s my fur," explained Daisy. "It´s too soggy to go any further!"

Dad shook his head. But he rummaged in their rucksack and brought out a towel.

"Rub-a-dub-dub. Rub-a-dub-dub," went Dad, until his arms ached and Daisy was warm and dry.

"Ooooh, look!" cried Daisy. "It´s a rainbow!" And she skipped towards it – along the twisty track...

The sun grew warm, then hot.

"Phew! Are we nearly there?" panted Daisy. "It´s meee," she explained. "I´m too floppy to go any further."

Dad flopped down, too.
"So am I!" he said.
"Oh, no!" cried Daisy. "Now we´ll never get there!"

But Dad was already rummaging... right to the bottom of their rucksack.

At last he found what he wanted...

"It´s a bottle of Grandma´s Famous Fizz," he beamed. "She told me to keep it for emergencies."

Dad held the bottle in a stream to cool it.
"Mmmm!" said Daisy and Dad. And they drank exactly half each.

As soon as they´d finished their fizz, Dad swung Daisy onto his shoulders. Then he carried her – round the final twist in the track...

And suddenly Daisy could see for herself. "Look, Dad, look," she cried, "WE´RE NEARLY THERE! WE´RE NEARLY THERE!"

Dad set Daisy gently on the ground.
"Come on!" she told him.

And together they ran the rest of the way – to the end of the twisty track...

Joan Stimson
Are we nearly there? 
Paignton, Ladybird, 1997

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