Why you are not a teacher, and why others are taking your online job!As I do not believe in the current political correctness (PC) trend and I think it is harmful to social values, as PC is a trend hopefully people will wake up and smell the roses. Every individual should have a voice to explain to people as it is and not see the world through rose coloured glasses. However, I digress before I really start.   

Recently there has been a number of posts on Facebook groups promoting online teaching, from so-called teachers who are in fact bringing other people to the platform for a commission. I have no idea why someone would bring a competitor to a platform for a little bit of chump change.
I can see people now saying "why it hurts no one". Well let us look at what you are actually doing:

1: You are promoting a platform that you are unsure of, as a number of people that do this have only recently joined. In order to have a clear understanding of a platform, you must use it continuously for at least 4 months, would be better if you have a least 6 months or more, to fully gauge the system.

2: The platform company is laughing all the way to bank, as you are promoting their business for peanuts, normal companies spend thousands on advertising. In fact, if I wanted to, I can advertise all the online platforms just for the commission through my blog or website, and earn more than 90% than what people do by promoting on a Facebook page. However, I am not an unscrupulous shark that does not give a damn, I will leave that to the scam artists, you know who you are.

3: If you do not have a degree, you are not a teacher. If you do not have a proper teaching qualification (not a TEFL) you are not a teacher. If you are a non-native speaker (NNS) and do not have a C2 Proficiency or equivalent then you have no place to teach English and you are not a teacher. I speak 3 other languages but I will never even think of teaching Russian, Spanish or French to students in their native language. Most, not all, of these platforms, seem to pick these type of people so really they are scrapping the bottom of the barrel especially if you fulfil one or all of these criteria.

4:  This is the most interesting in all of this is that you are promoting for people to take your job, let's take a look at what you are doing. Okay, you are fully booked on the platform due to a good amount students on the platform, you want the commission and promote for a teacher, all of a sudden you get fewer bookings. Why? Well, you are now sharing students with a teacher you have brought to the platform. I see a lot of so-called teachers that have complained this has happened to them, well think about, you do not really know the teacher you have promoted, he/she could have better qualifications or even be a better teacher, as a student or parent. Who will you pick?  

So, in conclusion, this is not an NNS bashing post! As I am an NNS! This post is to help people be more aware of their activities and to help recognise what, if anything, understand the damage or injustice they are doing knowingly or unknowingly to their students. If you are are an NNS get yourself a C2 proficiency qualification or equivalent, then you can then apply for jobs on the Native level, which also includes the pay. NNS and NS (Native Speaker) get yourself a real degree and do the work. NNS and NS get a proper teaching qualification so you can call yourself a real teacher. If you are unscrupulous or misunderstand this post you will just make stupid claims like racist "the current buzzword" or make wild accusations or troll the heck out this article. Above all, do not promote these platforms for other people to come along and take your job!


Native vs Non-Native Facebook Rhetoric